Humanfactor57 07/29/21
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I like the design direction Bulova is going...

Bulova has a great history and should capitalize on its design language from the past. They have an extensive archive that can be reissued and would attract many watch enthusiasts. This is a good example. They just need to resist the urge to oversizing their watches, case in point, the Bulova Moonwatch is just way too big, if they had sized it closer to the original it would have sold like hotcakes. But it's so nice to see them back doing heritage watches with automatic/manual movements. I have attached a really nice watch Bulova discontinued a few years ago. Great historical design (from their archives). I'm not a quartz movement fan, but I do love the UHF smooth sweeping second hand and accuracy of this watch. It's too bad they discontinued this watch, I know they have a couple of other military reissues which is great, but the design of this one was exceptional. It would be nice to see an automatic/manual version of it. But having said all that, it's great to see this Aerojet. Nicely done Bulova.

Bulova Response We’re happy to hear that you love your new Aerojet automatic timepiece! Bulova’s rich history is what inspires our designers to create iconic timepieces that honor our heritage, as in our new limited-edition Lunar Pilot. This luxury watch, that celebrates the Apollo 15 mission, is actually very close to the original size of 43.3mm. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for being a true Bulova fan. Enjoy!

Michael G. 04/06/24
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Amazingly accurate automatic watch. Great value for what you pay for! Awesome looking and stylish! Well done Bulova. I have always been a Tissot guy, but you may have me now.