Brian78 09/29/22
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Beautiful watch but Bulova QC is Horrible

I bought this watch cause I’m a fan of Bulova and love the chronograph style of watch especially the ones with a Telemeter. But as beautiful as this watch is to me even as a watch collector and amateur watch repairer. I was very disappointed that that the movement was not regulated whatsoever from the manufacture the watch was -1 1/2 minutes on regulation but worst of all had a 4 ms beat error which tells me that there is no quality control, which is unacceptable for a watch of this price I fixed it myself because I know how to fix these issues but as a new watch, I should not have to be doing this nor should anybody else. It should’ve been done at the factory before it even left. I know it’s a basic SW-500 movement I would i’ve also liked to have seen a little bit of decoration on the movement even though it is only a half clear case back. Just buyers know if you buy this watch you may have to bring it to a jewelry or watchmaker and have it regulated.