Riley J. 03/18/24
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An absolute Top Shelf Bulova Pocket Watch

I've always loved pocket watches. It invokes a nostalgia of older times, where persons showed a certain dapperness, a look of proper dignity. You see a man pull his watch out of his vest pocket. The beautiful chain and the time piece at the end of it. The watch looks like a golden comet, a shiny gold comet with a golden chain tail. The watch is heavy, looks durable, coupled with a lovely chain. The chain has hooks on either side, so if you just want it in your pocket. The face is thick glass, the Movement is just amazing, so intricate, it has the Bulova logo at the top, it has a second hand, you can see into the clockwork. You just want to sit and stare at it. I wear it every day along with my Curv. I've gotten many complements when I pull it out with the chain. And they see the inner workings and the second hand movement. It's just an overall beautiful watch.