Breed 07/31/17
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And 3/4 stars!!

Four years ago I began to enjoy the style, form, and appeal of this watch. It caught my eye from the moment I entered the store. And with reason, it has rigid lines throughout from the dial to the band and clasp. It's very comfortable and almost becomes one with the wrist. Not exaggerating. I could go on about the many things I find so attractive with this jem in my collection but I won't it's elegant and classy handsome for a professional look and style. But" I'm afraid it all ends there. My watch stays in the beautiful box it came in due to a flaw. The rubber wrist band does not wick moisture,at all , and as such the more or longer I'd try to enjoy wearing it my wrist would begin to chafe no matter how it was adjusted for comfort. And because I loved it so much I'd change wrists only to experience the same thing on the other wrist. It was almost addictive so I stopped wearing it when my wrists no longer had time to heal from the cracking and blistering that occurs from prolonged use! I put I back on now and again to repeat the process but lately I've decided to seek out a new bulova band to replace the black rubber band but I've yet to find one of the same thickness size width style and color combination. I'm still looking though! But I wish they'd select one for me

Bulova Response We're sorry to hear you cannot enjoy wearing your Bulova watch. Unfortunately, we do not have a rose gold bracelet that will fit this case. Most people have no issue with the rubber strap but in rare cases, some people have a reaction to the rubber strap. If we cannot fit a bracelet we offer a replacement watch. Please reach out to our service department by filling the form from our site