Zotch 12/10/23
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The watch looks great so I bought it,* it was a bit pricey, but I thought it would be a good investment. A little after it arrived, it began to dawn on me that it didn't keep the time. Also one of the number fell out of place and went flying around inside. So I called up Bulova, they said that it wasn't their warranty doesn't cover this (even though it does). So I asked to speak to the manager and he said its covered, but per the policy I must pay shipping. So after paying $25 and waiting a month for them to process and return it, it came back with the same problem plus they were nice enough to leave some dirt between the face and the glass.... So I called back up but after waiting for about 45 minutes, gave up. Then I decided to do the call back option, but after one ring before I was able to pick up they hung up. Then I called back waited on the line for a half hour, and when they picked up they said that its the wrong department and they have to transfer me. I said I don't want them to because it will take a long time again, but he assured me he'll connect me directly. But after waiting for another 45 minutes I just hung up. So a little time later I called back and got thru and asked to speak to the manager, because from my experience the representatives are not that helpful. I was told the manager was busy and he'll call me back in a couple of days. And now three weeks later I'm still waiting. (*not this exact but a different men's watch)

Anonymous 12/06/20
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