George 10/17/23
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A Bold New Entry to the Devil Diver Series

Of all the watches in the Devil Diver lineup, the Oceanographer GMT Root Beer, in my opinion, best captures the vintage spirit of the Archive Series. With it's warm brown and black bezel, the Oceanographer GMT Root Beer feels like a watch that was born from the 70's. And the rose gold metal brings attention to the jewel-like hour markers in a way that conveys vintage elegance. These design features, however, does not in any way take away from what someone would expect from a watch carrying the infamous 666 feet indication on the dial. The bezel pip's fierce appearance honors the Devil Diver spirit. And the black dial carries an intimidating presence that only a select few would feel confident wearing. Whether you are looking for something bold and different to wear on certain occasions or find yourself strongly identifying with this watch, the Oceanographer GMT Root Beer has an overpowering quality that's definitely worth experiencing.

Volinchak T. 05/18/24
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Bristling fan makes a comment

I am a Breitling lover, but admire the Bulova brand. I have give several as gifts and these watches are top notch.