Elkram 06/16/22
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Beautiful watch, but....

I tried two different "colors" of this watch and they are both beautiful. The problem was that with the insides showing through it made it very difficuly to see time at a glance. There is sply too much going on visually, and not wnough contrast between hands and inner workings. Admittedly i have 67 year old eyes but the watch was too hard to read. When i randomly set the time it took a few seconds and some squinting to read the time.. Maybe younger eyes would be fine, but no good for me. Too bad.

Michael 03/15/19
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Treated myself to this watch around Christmas from J.C. Pennies. Never really been a fan of Bulova watches prior but this watch definitely caught my attention in the display case. This watch is visually stunning. Especially when the sun hits it just right as you have your hand resting on the steering wheel driving down the road. Pictures do not do it justice at all. It has a nice heft to it also, reminding you that this is a well built watch. The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is I'm not a fan of the band used on it. It matches the watch wonderfully as is. But I'd you like to switch things up and change out the band you are kind of limited on your selection due to the size pin used to hold it in place. I haven't measured the width of what size it is.but I would guess around 12 or 14 mm. The other thing I that I am not fond of is the dual clasp used on it. I only wear this watch on special occasions. And from time to time the clasp will open on me. Other than those two issues this is one of my favorites in my collection. It always turns heads and gets many compliments.