Randy 05/26/23
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Misaligned Indices Tarnish a Near Perfect Watch

The twelve o'clock large rectangle indices is slightly misaligned. It's closer to the 59 second mark than the 1 second mark making it impossible to align the chronometer seconds hand exactly in the middle. the 50 minute indices is also slightly misaligned. I could live with the 50 minute misalignment as it isn't really noticeable but the 12 o'clock is noticible at even the slightest glance. Trying to realign the seconds hand using the the manual adjustment method when the crown is pulled completely out either puts it just left of center or just right of center. I thought I was going crazy until I looked it the dial under a jewelers loupe and it all made sense. I'll contact customer service on Tuesday to see if I can get a replacement as I've worn the watch already. Outside of the misaligned indexes, this watch is spectacular. It wears very well on my 7 1/4" wrist. The bracelet is of excellent quality the dial is stunning with all of the different layers and the blue variant with the textured dial is really incredible. I think I just got one that has some slight QC issues.