The Gift of Time & Love


“Every moment without you is a moment of time lost.” 


There is no shortage of quotes about time and love. The two are intertwined, with timeless and everlasting love something we all aspire to. One way to tell your significant other you are committed to forever is with a gift that speaks to time: the perfect watch.

Love is space and time measured with the heart.

-Marcel Proust

The Wilton


For the man in your life you want to express timeless affection for, one way to say it is with the Wilton for men. You can’t go wrong with this simple, elegant statement — it speaks to a desire for love that will never go out of style. With a six-hand chronograph function and a dark blue textured dial, this watch is the perfect gift of time to the man you gave your heart to.


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Another option for men comes from the Futuro collection, which has a stainless steel case with black ion-plating. This piece is capped off with 3 individually hand-set diamonds and black enamel dial. It is an elegant, sophisticated piece that will speak volumes about your affection and admiration.


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The Bulova Rubaiyat


For the ladies in your life, one way to express your endless love is with the Bulova Rubaiyat. In stainless-steel, this timepiece features 8 diamonds to mark the hours capped off with a blue cabochon crown. The delicate details and timeless style will let her know she will always be close to your heart.


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The Aerojet


The Aerojet for women is a classic alternative, pairing a stainless-steel band with a grey dial and rose-gold accents. It is designed to be noticed and tell anyone who sees it that the woman whose arm it graces is poised and sophisticated.


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