History is Made Again

New Lunar Pilot Meteorite

Defy the rules of space and time with the latest addition to the Lunar Pilot collection: the new Limited Edition Lunar Pilot Meteorite Chronograph. The inspired design features original elements and a genuine Muonionalusta meteorite dial—meaning, no two dials are alike.

Limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide.

Archive Series

Oceanographer GMT Automatic

The new 4-hand GMT dial features an automatic movement and allows ease of setting the watch to two time zones without affecting accuracy.


Dazzle with bold, sophisticated timepieces.

A Timeless Elegance

Introducing the Wilton GMT Automatic

For the sophisticated traveler – allowing the wearer to easily set their 'home' and 'local' times.

Bold Announcement

Bulova & Marc Anthony

An iconic collaboration of fine watches, rich music, and luxury design in an exclusive partnership.

Marine Star

Heritage-Inspired Timepieces

Bulova Museum

The faces of many firsts. Bulova recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary individuals who pioneered movements, pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo.