Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

In collaboration with nonprofit Exploring the Arts and ongoing partnership with the Frank Sinatra Enterprise, Bulova supported the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, New York to create a special version of the song “Fly Me To The Moon.”

A group of ten senior students, majoring in voice, violin, trumpet, French horn, cello and bass trombone worked together to give life to their unique version of Frank’s classic song.

“During these challenging times, schools, teachers and students have struggled to continue their programs online,” says Frank’s daughter Tina Sinatra. “It is an act of strength and resilience, especially in the field of performing arts, and I am happy that my father’s song can inspire today’s students to express themselves freely and persevere. Dad’s wish was that future generations would find his music and reinterpret it just as he did throughout his career.”

For this project, Eddie Sears, Creative Director of Ultra Music record label and Creator of electropop act, Rocket Pengwin, mentored the students. Eddie guided them to push the boundaries of their instruments and instill their unique and youthful talent into a timeless classic. Hence the Latin infused touch-ups to the song, to reflect the contemporary, diverse and multicultural world the students are immersed in.

“We are excited to support a New York school that has worked hard this year to stay afloat,”says Michael Benavente, U.S. Managing Director of Bulova. “This project is born not only from the desire to help a New York School, but from Bulova’s commitment to encourage young musicians to discover our American music heritage and culture.”

“This project is a celebration of music, heritage and diversity,” says Gideon Frankel, Principal of the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. “We are honored to partner with such a quintessential New York brand that is Bulova and to allow our students to express their uniqueness through Frank’s music.”

About Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

About In 1999, the great American singer and painter, Tony Bennett, and his wife Susan Benedetto, a public school teacher, were inspired to start a public high school for young artists. They dreamt of a school that would integrate the arts with rigorous academics, require a commitment to community service, and help students cultivate a lifelong love of, and dedication to, their artistic passions and crafts.

Over the next years, Tony and Susan received invaluable assistance from the NYC Department of Education and local leaders as they endeavored to turn their dream into reality. In 2001, the school opened in temporary quarters for 250 students. The school was named Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, a tribute to the memory of Tony’s best friend and colleague.

With the help of many friends and supporters, in 2009 Frank Sinatra School of the Arts opened its new extraordinary home, located at the vibrant Kaufman Astoria Studios complex, in Astoria, Queens, Tony Bennett's cherished hometown. The school receives ongoing support from Exploring the Arts, the nonprofit organization founded by Tony and Susan, which helps provide funding for the school’s arts program as well as external internship and scholarship opportunities for its students.