Manuals & Watch Care

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For all Standard Quartz and Automatic timepieces

(Includes all styles from the Classic, Futuro, and Crystal collections): 

Standard Manual

For all Precisionist timepieces: 

Simplified Manual

Detailed Manual

For the Marine Star Collection: 

Simplified Manual

For the Wilton Automatics: 

Simplified Manual

For the Rubaiyat Collection: 

Simplified Manual

For all CURV Chronograph timepieces: 

Simplified Manual

Detailed Manual

For the Chronograph C and Lunar Pilot Chronograph: 

Simplified Manual

Detailed Manual

For all Computron timepieces: 

Simplified Manual

For the Archive Series: 

Simplified Manual

For the A-15 Pilot Series: 

Simplified Manual

For the NP20 Movement

Simplified Manual

Caring for your Jewelry

Your Bulova Jewelry is crafted of 316L Stainless Steel and may incorporate leather, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and other materials in the designs. We create all of our jewelry with the utmost attention to quality – however, all Jewelry requires proper maintenance and care to ensure its lasting beauty.

We recommend removing jewelry before showering, during household chores and avoid wearing it to the beach, pool, or playing sports in order to protect it from damage.

Many substances may permanently damage or discolor your Bulova Jewelry. Please avoid contact with chlorine, salty water, cosmetic products, fragrance, hairsprays, and corrosive or solvent-based cleaning agents. High temperatures, strong light, and high humidity may also cause undesired changes in some materials used.

Stainless Steel is a very durable alloy that does not corrode or rust – but it can scratch. Wear and store your Jewelry in a way that minimizes contact with items that can damage it. Store your pieces individually in the soft pouches provided with purchase in a dark and dry place. Do not place the pieces on top of each other.

Do not use an ultrasonic bath on the jewelry to clean it. Please see below for cleaning tips:


Simply use mild liquid soap and water to clean your stainless steel Jewelry when it is dull and dirty. Use a soft cloth to clean and dry your pieces.


Do not submerge Leather in water. Hand blot with a damp cloth or sponge, cold water and mild soap to gently clean. Wipe off excess moisture. Do not submerge Leather in water. Allow leather to dry completely prior to storing. All of our leathers are genuine and display unique characteristics of organic materials so please allow for slight variations in color and texture. Due to the dying process, some slight color transfer is possible during wear and/or cleaning and does not constitute a defect.


Take care of all gemstones to ensure the pieces are not dropped or bumped/knocked with or against other objects, as stones may loosen from their settings and/or fall out. Clean by wiping with a damp cloth and mild soap. If needed, gently remove dirt around the stone by using a soft-bristle baby toothbrush – do not rub as this may scratch the stainless steel around the diamonds.


Avoid dropping or knocking with or against other objects, as stones may scratch, chip or break. Clean by wiping with a damp cloth and mild liquid soap.

Caring for your Watch

Our watches require minimal maintenance, but regular care will help extend the life of your Bulova timepiece. We recommend wiping your watch with a clean soft cloth regularly. Stains, water spots on straps, and accumulated dirt on the case, crystal, and band that are not removed may cause premature wear. If you wear your watch in the shower or in chlorinated or salt water (note that water resistance varies from model to model, be sure to check your manual), you should rinse it with fresh water and thoroughly dry it immediately after exposure.


The bracelet should be cleaned occasionally by using a soft brush and warm soapy water, then rinsed thoroughly and dried completely. If your watch is not water resistant, cleaning should be done by a professional.


Salt residue and soil can be removed from leather or rubber (polyurethane) by cleaning with a dampened soft cloth and mild soap or saddle soap. We recommend wearing the strap a little loosely (one finger space between wrist and strap) to allow air to circulate and any moisture to evaporate.


Avoid temperature extremes. Exposing your watch to high temperatures, such as placing it on the dashboard of a vehicle or using in a hot tub, may cause the watch to malfunction, shorten battery life, or damage certain components. Leaving the watch in extreme cold temperatures may cause irregular timekeeping until the watch returns to normal operating temperature.