Rubaiyat Collection

Fusing modern design aesthetics with deep roots of regal craftsmanship. The Rubaiyat collection masterfully articulates and celebrates empowered femininity.

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Heritage Reinvented

Now a hundred years in the making, the Rubaiyat collection has been reinvented, and with an echo to the original design, a unique cabochon-crown placement at the focal 12 o’clock position.

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Modern Design

Each timepiece boasts a textured dial and is beautifully adorned with individual hand set diamonds. Featured in stainless, gold-tone and rose gold-tone cases with bracelets or elegant leather straps. 

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Legendary Style

The stunning design elements of the  Rubaiyat collection are highlighted by a crowning halo that elegantly surrounds the case. 

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Empowered Femininity

Punctuated on each case back, the hallmark Goddess of Time insignia—gracefully alluding to the poetic sensuality of both the legend and today’s empowered woman.

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Interactive Archive

The faces of many firsts. Bulova recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary individuals who pioneered movements, pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo.



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